i-Tech Network Solutions


The initial stage where the Account Manager and Technical Consultant meet up with the client. This is the requirement gathering stage where we study client’s “pain”. Our technical consultant will then recommend a solution through a documented proposal which will be presented to the client thereafter.


Once the client agrees with the proposal, we will conduct a project kick-off meeting where we will brief the client the project timeline and introduction of project team. A more thorough site-visit will be conducted to ensure all aspects of the technical solution has been addressed.


During the execution phase, the project team will be deployed to implement all that has been agreed upon during planning stage. Progress reports are generated for client’s knowledge of the status of the project on daily basis.


Upon completion of execution stage, the project team will conduct several test on the implementation together with the end-user / client. This is to verify the success of the implementation.


After the User Acceptance Test has been carried out, training will be conducted to the end-user together with its documentation. There will be a project hand-over meeting where customer sign-off the User Acceptance Test document with us.

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